routine dentistry

Routine Dentistry

We offer all aspects of routine family dental care and advice. Our dental assessments include an examination of jaw movement and function, the soft tissue inside the mouth and all round gum health. An oral cancer check is included with each examination.
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dental hygiene wirral

Hygienist Services

Our hygienist offers regular scaling and polishing to remove staining and harmful bacteria which if left untreated can cause gum disease and lead to tooth loss. She provides bespoke advice on your daily cleaning routine which is vital to maintaining good oral health.
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cosmetic dentistry wirral

Cosmetic Dentistry

Using the latest materials and technologies we are able to help you to achieve the smile you have always wanted. We offer cosmetic bonding, veneers, crowns and bridgework including zirconia options.
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dentures wirral


Dentures can often look artificial. The teeth can look unnaturally perfect and the pink acrylic can look false. We can give you back your smile with our wide range of completely natural looking dentures.
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dental implants wirral

Dental Implants

Missing teeth should be replaced for functional and aesthetic reasons. Dental implants provide a long term solution, slowing down bone loss and helping to preserve healthy tissues. They are also used to securely fix loose dentures. The implant system we use is Nobel Biocare.
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teeth whitening wirral


Professional teeth whitening is the safest and easiest way to enhance your smile.The method we prefer is to use custom made whitening trays and a whitening gel. This gives excellent results and allows for ‘top-ups’ when required in the future.
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